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True Blood

I'm due a proper post i know :( but in the meantime here is a quick craft post.  I'm going to a True Blood Con this weekend.  And a gal needs to accessorise appropriately.  So i have this quilt block that is being turned into a tote/bag as we speak ready for the weekend.  Originally Charlaine Harris was going to be there but her mother has just died so understandably she had to cancel.  I'm sure our thoughts will be with her at the moment.  Other actors from the series will be there though and i will get to meet

Sam Trammel (Sam Merlotte)
John Billingsley (coroner Mike Spencer)
Kristen Bauer (Pam)
Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur)

Should be fun.

I eventually hope to make this pattern available in the future.


Twilight Quilters Coven - Eclipse Charity Quilt

Twilight Quilter's Coven Eclipse Quilt Give to Win

Twilight Quilters Coven, an on-line quilting group I belong to, has been working on a little project for charity. This is our Eclipse Give to Win Quilt.

Photo courtesy of Twilight Quilters Coven, used with permission.

Besides all the amazing blocks, the quilt has 3 autographs from the saga's actors: Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen), Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley), and Daniel Cudmore (Felix)! (Check out the main site for all the beautiful details.)

The best part is that we're giving this quilt away! TQC members have donated time, talent and materials to create this quilt in order to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity close to the hearts of the Twilight Fandom You can help us out with a donation to ALSF. For every $5 increment donation you get a chance to win the quilt. Give $5, get 1 chance; give $20, get 4 chances, etc., so the more you give the more chances you get to win!. Donations will be accepted from June 4, 2010 until August 1, 2010 on the TQC blog or on the Eclipse charity Give-to-Win page. The winner will be announced on August 10, 2010.

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The Phantom

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Here is the quilt top that i made for mum for Mother's Day.  I was madly finishing off the hand stitching for the binding the night before but i got it done!!!

It's my own pattern and even though i'm rather crap at the actual quilting bit, i did the the quilting myself too.  I've called the pattern "Ring 'O Roses" and i'll eventually put it on my ETSY store.  Mum loved it :)

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Also included is a gratuitus baby photo of Eoin, 2 weeks old.  The printed sheet that he's on is one i used to have in my cot when i was a baby! (i get the hoarding gene from my mother!)

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The Phantom

Clean up

I've just done a clean up of my friends list and removed a few people that haven't posted in ages or commented either.  If you notice that you have been removed and really wanted to stay then send me a pm and let me know. 

Quilt Tops

Here are the latest 2 quilt tops i've ben working on.

The first is the teddy bear quilt.  i think hte teddy fabric came from either baneofshadow  or ofenjen  (can't quite remember) the moody looking fabric for the other centres was definitely from ofenjen .  I like how they look like sunset scenes in the little squares like that.  This one will be for bubs for now once i actually get it quilted.

The other one is one i did to use up some cat farbic that i think i bought in high school.  i figured it was time to finally use it.  Not sure 100% what i'm doing with this one as i was orginally planning on giving this one away, but while i was making it mum commented on how much she liked it.  I have enough cat fabric for a second one though so perhaps i'll make 2 and she canchoose which one she wants.

Santa Chook

Stocking Ornaments

These are quick to make up and are a good way to use up all those little scraps of yarn.  I use DK/8ply acrylic, but use up whatever you have on hand. 


Materials: Small amounts of DK/sportsweight yarn and 3.75mm needles
4mm crochet hook (optional)

Using main colour cast on 30st
Work in st st for 6 rows starting with a knit row.
K11, k2tog, knit 4, k2tog, turn
Slip 1, p4, p2tog, turn
*Slip 1, k4, k2tog, turn
Slip 1, p4, p2tog, turn*
Repeat from * to * 4 times
Slip 1, k4, k2tog, knit to end. (16 stitches)
Continue in st st on 16 stitches for 21 rows, ending on a purl row.
Change to contrasting colour
Work in garter stitch for 6 rows
Cast off.
Leave long end to form a loop or use a 4mm crochet hook and form about 20 chains to form a loop.
Secure ends and sew up seam.
Fill with candy such as lifesavers

St st = stocking stitch

K2tog = knit 2 together

P2tog = purl 2 together