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My computer is running VERY slow at the moment and it's making it really hard to watch my ttmt videos :( which is really frustrating.  i still haven't got to watch all of last weeks videos and it's Tuesday again already.  I've taken a whole heap of large files off my laptop and put it on my external hard drive, but it's still slow.  I'll have to do a few other things and then restart it to see if that makes a difference.

A funny thing i was tidying up the kicthen bench and saw what i thought was dirt all over the place, when i ralised that hubby had been baking with the kids and they had knocked over the cocoa powder ;P Still messy, but not as bad

haven't done much the past week, but i have sat down and done some party planning with Eoin.  Tara is sleeping through most nights now, which is great.  if only the boys would do the same.

We've been tidying up the yard ready for the party and sorting out things around the house, so not much to show for our time.  We've also been doing a lot of baking with the kids.  Nathan has been making biscuits and cakes with the boys and i made cheesecake with Eoin.  I let Eoin be a lot more hands on that Nathan does, so Eoin really enjoys it.  For the cheese cake i let Eoin crush the biscuits for the base himself.  I put them in a snap lock bag then wrapped it in a tea towel and gave him on of my rolling pins and told him the bash away!  HE loved it and he checked regularly to make sure he got the crumbs fine and even without any huge lumps.  He then added the melted butter and mixed that through.  i was going to come back and finish it off to make sure the butter was mixed evenly, but i didn't need to!  He's learning! anyway i then had him cut up the cream cheese into the mixer and he added the lemon juice.  I helped with the condensed milk.  He then turned it on and mixed it.  I have an old Kenwood mixer that my mum bought before i was born.  It can handle quite heavy duty mixing and is great for lumpy stuff like cream cheese.  The hardest thing he found was then waiting for it to set :)

I'm going to be late doing my own ttmt video as well as i haven't done much, but catching up with my mums group for a bit of a sewing day tomorrow, so might have something to show after that
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