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My Fandom Rush

Ok so here's my entry for the Fandom Mash Up on Fandom in Stitches. I get confused a bit with the time zones, so not sure if i got the entry in on time (they were due by the 1 March), but thought i'd share here anyway as i really enjoyed this.

I originally i had a bunch of what i felt at the time were really great ideas, but the realty of getting them done with little kiddos underfoot just meant they didn't happed.  That included using a bunch of the HP character blocks to make a Hamlet quilt.  Then again on Shakespeare i was thinking Richard III, particularly with his actual skeleton being found recently in an UK carpark.  But then again ... time.

Then i got to thinking about things and i was watching an episode of "would I lie to you" where Katherine Parkinson (IT Crowd) had said that in a school biology exam that Wombles were a type of mammal (http://youtu.be/ZtknPjgzt_I) Well it got me thinking just how much i used to love the wombles as a kid.  It's kept growing on me and i kept humming the theme music... Well i had to do something with a womble.  The my sewing machine died (well not dead completely, but tension and timing went so no sewing until i got it looked at), OK so i checked out Gumtree and picked up a decent second hand machine for a reasonable price.  OK, i'm back sewing again.  Then i get a phone call from childcare.  E has developed fever and a terrible cough during the day, and by the way there is a viral infection going around the centre.  Just great.  So nothing got done this week.  Thursday night comes around and mum tells me shes coming up to Adelaide to babysit my niece Friday night.  I organised for her to come up earlier to watch the boys so i could get something done.  Even better and E has got past the bug and was back at childcare, so mum just watched bubs for me.  So i finally got my Womble panel done :D

I've copied the desciption from the flickr page.

Womble house_wimbledon common_orinoco_Bag end pattern

Here I used the Bag End pattern from the LoTR patterns on Fandom in Stitches to recreate one of my favourite childhood TV shows, The Wombles.

The Wombles live at Wimbledon Common in London, England and collect things left behind and reuse them for themselves. There are several Womble characters and the one shown here is called Orinoco.
ref: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wombles

The Wombles are Hobbit height and live in burrows in the ground, so the Bag End pattern was perfect. I've just tweaked it a little and added a Womble. Originally i was going to add more of the Common, but i'll probably add that at a later date.

I will also be adding the Womble pattern by itself at some point.

Here is episode one for those that haven't seen the wombles before

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