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Not much of a post.  i know i keep saying i'll do a proper one, but here's my lastest block for birthday_blocks

This is a pattern i had in a book and i modifed it slightly.  The book was "501 Quilt blocks - a treasury of patterns for patchwork & appliqué" The pattern was a traditionally pieced block so i converted it to PP as that is my preferred technique, and i changed the arrangement of the boats slightly.  I liked the fabric for the sky and water for this.  I was lucky in that my local fabric store was having a massive sale on their last season quilting fabrics, so they had a huge reduction on them and were mainly novelty prints, but i managed to find the water and sky for this in the pile! :D I tried to keep the sky all directional on the blocks and i think it works well.  I may have to make myself another block for my own stash using these fabrics

BB2013_sailboat trio for kissmary
Tags: birthday blocks, quilt blocks

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