hardhatcat (hardhatcat) wrote,

Here is the jumper for Eoin finally finished.  I did knit the hood that goes with it, but will put that to one side for now.  i'm not sure if he'll like hoodies by that stage or not, so it's knitted and ready, just not attached as yet.


I also received a block from knit_finkfor birthday blocks. i guess now that we're in October i'll hopefully start receiving them :D

BB2011_cottages by knit_fink

I have a load of sewing projects that need to be completed, but my sewing room is still not in what i would call a usable state, so i'm doing more portable projects such as knitting.  I'm not sure what i'll do next so i'm going to try and go through my yarn stash while Eoin is still asleep and see what inspires me.
Tags: birthday blocks, craft, knitting
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